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To All My Wonderful Clients:

Thank you very much for your kind words. We are in the Home Entertainment business because there's nothing more rewarding than seeing the happiness our work brings to clients and their families. We put our heart and soul into every project, and it means the world to us when you share your appreciation.

Respectfully Yours, Glenn and Charlie Thomas, The TV GUYS


John and Kathy Lattauzio, Hurricane, Utah:

When designing our new home we faced many decisions, none more critical to our life style than those related to TV, video surveillance, home theater, etc. We had an unpleasant experience with a "big box" store shortly after moving to Saint George, and didn't know where to find the expertise we needed. The good folks at the Boulevard recommended Glenn and Charlie Thomas of the TV GUYS. What a lucky break!

After a thorough examination of our existing equipment and a lengthy discussion of our "wants and needs", Glenn submitted his proposal. In his review of our electronics, he enhanced the performance of the items we would keep, and recommended the replacement of the rest. Glenn and Charlie worked closely with our builder as they installed the wiring that our new system would require. Their accommodating manner worked to everyone's advantage. In addition to their friendly work style, they made suggestions along the way that benefitted both us and our contractor.

Today we enjoy state-of-the-art TV, home theater, music in every room, surveillance, internet access, and capability to add to our system. We were able to stay within our budget while adding features and equipment. We are grateful to Glenn and Charlie for guiding us through an intricate process. We respect their knowledge and capabilities, and look forward to a long association with them and their company.

Jeff McKenna, Santa Clara, Utah:

Glenn, I want to thank you. I will confess that while making a decision regarding the sound system in our back yard I was tempted to choose a cheaper system than the one you proposed. My wife talked me into the nicer system. I am very glad she did. I am not prone to writing reviews, but I love the sound system you installed in our backyard. It has been so fun to watch movies with friends, family, soccer teams, scout troops etc. The sound is wonderful from all locations and it doesn't disturb my adjoining neighbors. I love it and appreciate the great job!!

Carole Jacobs, Washington, Utah:

I needed service and help with setting up our dvd player and surround sound.

After hiring Charlie from the TV Guys I was so very much pleased with both his service and commitment to installing everything perfectly well and also that he helped us understand how to operate our equipment.


The TV Guys are a father and son team and they both go beyond being there for you.

I would truly recommend their service to everyone that needs any TV help, home audio, video or wifi system installed.

Pleased customer

Carole Jacobs

Glenn and Betty Willoughby, St. George, Utah:

We had 2 old televisions that had been wall mounted. We wanted them removed to be able to install 2 new high def tv's in their place. We had been in the Boulevard Furniture store shopping, so we got the name of a man they recommended which was Glenn from the TV GUYS. Glenn came and proceeded to take the old TV's down. It looked like it was going to be a lot of work and money so I told him to only do one TV instead of the two. (MY husband didn't think we even needed the new TV's and was a little upset that I had bought them.)

My husband, after watching how professional Glenn was, told him to go ahead and do both TV's. Both wall TV's had been hooked up dangerously incorrect. He corrected them to code and they look lovely. We also had a 60 inch and a 42 inch TV that when I bought them a few years ago we thought they were high definition So all these years we've been watching low def on high def TV's because the cables were hooked up wrong. We have had at least 4 tech's from the different cable companies in our house and have asked them if the TVs were high def and if they could fix our problems we were having with the channels and they all said no and there was nothing they could do about our problem we had been having with not getting all the channels correctly that it must ben a flaw in the television and that neither were high def. Being older people, we believed them. I had Glenn look at them and he said they were both high def and the cables had been installed incorrectly.

All it took was 2 cables and now we have our high definition tv's working how they should have years ago. Glenn took the time to go through and put our old ones as well as the new ones all on the correct programming. We were so excited. He even answered questions my husband had about another old TV he watches old VCR and DVD movies on that has been giving him problems. We would certainly recommend TV GUYS and Glenn to anyone (especially older people).

Carole & George Strutzel, Washington, Utah:

We would like to thank Glenn & Charlie for the work they have done in August 2012. They installed & setup our 65\" LG 3D TV & sound system. We would also like to thank them for removing & reinstalling our TV in the den, master bedroom & back bedroom! They were very knowledgeable, polite & very professional in their work. They also set up our 52\"TV 6 years old that was never set up correctly! We would like to say great job. Reel Home Theater is very honest and very reliable. God Bless them both for a outstanding job. Would recommend them anytime for the very best work!

Sincerely, George & Carole

Bob & Tess Mahlstedt, St. George:

Do you anticipate new entertainment devices, TV, DVD, Blue Ray DVD, CD player or surround? Are you concerned about having several remotes to keep track of? There is a way to put your worries to rest. Glenn Thomas, owner of the TV GUYS, has the answer to your problems. Regardless of how small or large they are. The really neat factor is that he will come to your home and is a real gentleman, one that we guarantee you will enjoy doing business with. His integrity is unquestionable.

Five years ago we purchased a new CD player, new speakers and a new DVD player, which we were later ready to throw out the window. We had a remote for the TV, a remote for the CD player and a remote for the DVD. It was enough to make you want to give up any thoughts of a home entertainment center! Glenn Thomas came to answer our distress call and he put joy back into our lives by taking all the systems and programming them into one remote, the MX-3000. Just six months ago we switched TV servers to a Dish, and Glenn was "Johnny on the spot". He took care of the change-over with ease and accuracy.

Later, we purchased a TV and DVD player for our bedroom. We did our best to install this by our-selves, however, the DVD sound did not come thru loud enough for us two old people to hear. We bought a new DVD/Blue Ray player and this was no better. We called upon the trusted Glenn Thomas and he solved our problem quickly and then helped us in choosing a larger TV. He set up and programmed the new TV and even put on a satellite music channel, an extra we didn't expect. That is the kind of business man Glenn is.

His knowledge of electronics is truly amazing, 30+ years of experience in the field. We gladly recommend Glenn's Reel Home Theater Plus to our family, friends and neighbors.

Submitted by Bob & Tess Mahlstedt

Bo & Lizzie Bowman, Coral Canyon, Utah

As recent transplants from the East Coast we were greatly dismayed by the lack of customer service and support we experienced in Southwestern Utah, that is until we met Glenn Thomas from the TV GUYS. During construction of our new home Glenn met with us numerous times at our convenience to plan and design our Audio Visual system. Glenn is the consummate professional - He arrived on time, listened to our needs, worked hard with the precision of a surgeon during installation. Our Home Theater System is a blast to watch and when Glenn calibrated the entire Audio system, speakers, amp, everything to work in harmony the sound is AWESOME. Well worth the money we spent, and it really was not that much money. My wife and I highly recommend Glenn and his company, the TV GUYS.

Regards, Bo

The Baloga Family, Dameron Valley, Utah

Glenn, The best way we can describe what the TV GUYS have done for our home is perfection in workmanship, the highest quality in audio/visual performance and a very cordial working relationship. Thanks Again !!


The Meeks / Fox Family, Coral Canyon, Washington, Utah

Glenn, I found out about your services available to our family in the St. George area guide. I was pleasantly surprised by your timeliness. I spoke to you and within hours you were at our Coral Canyon home to make sense of our home theater system that we were trying to install ourselves. Having purchased a multitude of components and not knowing where to begin, you made sense of all of it with courtesy, honesty and respect for me and my family. You simplified it into one remote and gave instructions to the electronically challenged in our family to make it easy to enjoy our system.


I would recommend your services to anyone who wants quality work performed in a timely manner by a really nice, knowledgeable person. We can't wait for our next home to be built to have you in on the ground floor for the design and installation of our home theater and electronics network of the home. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again, The Meeks/Fox Family

The McCoy Family, Castle Rock, St. George, Utah

Glenn, We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for turning our vision of the ultimate theater experience into a reality. In building our new home we experienced numerous sub-contractors, vendors, etc. Without a doubt, you were the best person we worked with! You started with a number of different ideas for us to choose from and explained the difference in equipment options and performance. You provided us with great customer service, professional installation, always met your timelines, and most importantly you treated us like we were a priority to your business! We can't say that about many of the vendors we worked with, but you delivered everything you promised to our family. Thank you for creating a theater experience that our family will enjoy every day we are in our home! We won't be going to the movie theater again. For your customers deciding on which company to go with, please have Glenn contact us and we will be happy to let you experience Glenn's work in our home theater.

Thanks Glenn! Sincerely, The McCoy Family

Hartley and Marilyn Badger, Sun River, St. George, Utah

Hi Glenn, Our desire was to upgrade our 14 year old surround sound system and TV set. After exploring various sources we decided to enlist the services of Glenn Thomas and the TV GUYS. Suffice it to say that we are very glad we did so since we are totally pleased with the results. Glenn performed as a true professional in all aspects of converting from our cumbersome outmoded setup to a "state of the art" system which included a high definition television set and an amazing wireless controller (MX3000) which eliminates some six of the old multi-button remotes. We also opted for new Canton German speakers and an integrated Sirius satellite radio system. Bottom line is an A+ for Glenn Thomas and the TV GUYS for an outstanding job. Wonderful new sound and picture!!!.

Hartley and Marilyn Badger

John Brady, Coral Canyon, Washington, Utah

Dear Glenn, I endorse you and your company, and recommend your services to anyone who is going to try and understand the gauntlet of jargon and mis-information in the TV business these days. You came out, solved the problem, recommended improvements, made my system work and made it understandable. Your follow up advice, support and expertise after the installation alone was worth the price. You made a confusing and expensive investment work and be enjoyable. Basically, you made it work when many other technicians couldn't figure it out. You are a definite joy to work with.

Regards, John Brady

Bill Balmer, Santa Clara, Utah

Wow! What a great experience dealing with Glenn. I had the pleasure of having my TV calibrated with Sencore video calibration equipment and the picture has improved 100%. Glenn was also very helpful in getting my wiring reworked. He also helped me get my DVD player so that it would do progressive scan. Glenn is a sharp and reliable technician that keeps his commitments and assists his customers in all areas of their audio and video needs. I certainly recommend him.

Thanks, Bill Balmer

Dave and Sallie Balmer, Washington, Utah

Glenn - just a short note to let you know how more than satisfied we were with the work you did for us in our new home. The sound and the picture quality on the plasma set (calibrated by Glenn with Sencore equipment) is like being there.

Again, thanks and good luck. Dave & Sallie

Don and Juanita Nielson, Washington, Utah

Dear Glenn, Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciate the work you did for us. You gave us the very best customer service that we had experienced in quite a long time. Superior customer service is rare and clearly sets you apart from the competition. We respect the fact that this appears to be what your business is based on. Glenn, we will without hesitation recommend you and your company to our friends.

Wishing you continued success, Don and Juanita Nielson

Roger and Diane Adams, Sun River - St. George, Utah

Dear Glenn, We just wanted to thank you very much for your excellent "Same-Day-Service" earlier this holiday season. The fact that you were able to come to our house literally within two hours of our call, and that two hours later we were able to enjoy our new big screen home theater! This is our second home theater, however, to be honest - it is our first - since our last one never sounded or looked this good. Our whole family enjoyed this house Christmas gift, and you were such am important part of it.

THANK YOU!! Roger & Diane Adams, Sun River

Mike and Mary Rose, St. George, Utah

Hi Glenn. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for taking care of the Roses on Christmas Eve and thanks for the follow-up call on Christmas Day. We will call you again as we add on to our system. Personable, professional, proficient! To our delight, Glenn assembled and installed our home entertainment center on Christmas Eve. Thanks for making our Merry Christmas even merrier.

Best regards, Mike and Mary Rose, St. George, UT

Mr. Seward Haas, St. George (Sun River), Utah

I would recommend Glenn Thomas and the TV GUYS to my family and friends. The work was fast, reasonable and very professional. Thank you Glenn.

Sincerely, Seward Haas

Mr. Billy Dixon, St. George (Sterling Court), Utah

Dear Glenn, Thank you very much for your very skilled work on my T.V. and components. I will recommend you to my friends as a fine installer of electronics of all kinds.

Sincerely, Billy Dixon

Lynn and Joann Davis, St. George, Utah

Dear Glenn, We wanted to take a minute and let you know how much we are enjoying our new surround sound since you evaluated our system and upgraded our speaker system. It was nice to have someone who shows a genuine interest in helping us. Your assistance in helping us select the right equipment at a reasonable price was much appreciated. I hope you have great success and we will do everything possible to send business your way. We thought you were great. Your service was very professional and went way beyond the service you receive from the stores in the area.

Thanks again. Lynn and Joann Davis

Jerry Lucky, Washington, Utah (Coral Canyon)

Glenn I wanted to thank you for the excellent home theater you installed for me. I appreciated the professional approach and the care you took during the installation. I liked the fact that you took the time to tutor us on how to effectively utilize the home theater.

Thanks again. Jerry Lucky

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